trends for children

PAPAYA is the brand of creative clothes designed for advanced people who keep up with the fashion but at the same time choose comfortable and functional clothing for children. That’s the story about the “little adults”.

Designers of the brand believe that kids want to be all the fashion not less than adults, they are very sensitive about the comments to their appearance: whether friends will say that a T-shirt is cool or on the contrary, that nobody have been wearing it for years! Child conviction among the society and his further social role depend on the way he or she looks. PAPAYA brand collections are meant to help children to feel themselves confident, progressive and outer-directed. It is planned to start seaside wear collection of the label.

“Adult” trends are manifest in the design, modified for needs of the small customers: products are filled with colors and prints, simple and easy constructions, they harmonize with creative figures, which are just sizing up by the other domestic brands. When choosing materials the designers are guided above all by quality, comfort and easy garment care.

We can offer the sets in gift pack according to the collection theme. What a nice surprise it can be!

AGE RANGE: 3-12 years